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How Long to Perfect an Appeal in New York?

As you prepare to appeal an unfavorable court decision in New York, you’ll want to get a general idea of the timeline. You have an appellate brief to prepare and documents to collect, but you also want to make your case as strong as possible. How much time do you have overall? In other words: how long to perfect an appeal in New York?

While the timeline can vary, seeking expert assistance with the preparation and filing of your brief makes it easier for you to focus on perfecting your argument. Like every other state, New York courts have specific requirements for brief formatting and presentation. In this article, we’ll review the time to perfect an appeal in New York and how the document preparation services from Record Press can save you valuable time and effort.

How long does an appeal usually take in New York?

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The duration of an appeal can vary widely, but it generally takes several months to over a year. This timeline depends on several factors, including the complexity of the case and the specific court’s caseload. 

Record Press can streamline the process for you with our Appellate Law Management services, which include: 

  • Compliance review
  • E-filing
  • Preparation of tables
  • Proofreading
  • High-speed scanning and printing

While you focus on your arguments, we can produce compliant appeal documents, ensuring your case is handled efficiently and professionally. 

Time to perfect an appeal in New York: 5 FAQs

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Perfecting an appeal in New York means completing all necessary preparations for the appeal to be considered by the court. This involves submitting all required documents, including:

  • The record or appendix
  • The brief
  • All exhibits
  • Proof of service of the record and brief (if necessary)

These documents must meet strict formatting guidelines and procedural requirements to ensure the case is ready for review by the appellate judges. This section addresses the top five frequently asked questions about how to perfect an appeal and how long it can take.

How long do you have to perfect an appeal in New York?

22 NYCRR 1250.9 (a) and 1250.10 (a) make it clear that civil appeals must be perfected within six months from the date of the notice of appeal, or the appeal is considered abandoned and dismissed. This rule is self-executing, meaning it automatically applies unless the court specifies a different deadline. For Criminal and Family Court appeals with appointed appellate counsel, the timing is usually set by court order.

On average, how long does perfecting an appeal take in New York?

Perfecting an appeal in New York should take six months or less to comply with 22 NYCRR 1250.9 (a). This standard ensures appeals are processed efficiently and without undue delay. Understanding how long to perfect an appeal in New York is essential for managing timelines effectively and avoiding automatic dismissals due to non-compliance with this rule. You may request additional time if necessary. 

Why do appeals take so long in New York?

Appeals in New York can take a long time due to several factors. For example, high case volume often leads to delays. The courts also put each appeal through a rigorous review process to ensure that all aspects of the case are fairly considered. Additionally, coordinating schedules for all involved parties, including attorneys, judges, and court staff, can add to the duration. These factors combine to make the appeal process fairly long in New York.

What’s the process for perfecting an appeal in New York?

The process to perfect an appeal in New York involves several detailed steps:

  • Taking the Appeal: This step begins with the entry and notice of the order or judgment being appealed, followed by serving and filing a notice of appeal within 30 days after service of the order or judgment with notice of entry.
  • Settling the Transcripts: Within 15 days of receiving the transcript, the appellant proposes amendments and serves them along with the transcript to the respondent. The respondent then has 15 days to respond with any amendments or objections.
  • Perfecting the Appeal: Once the notice of appeal is filed, the appellant has six months to perfect the appeal by providing the court with a Record on Appeal and an Appellant’s Brief. There are various methods for preparing the Record on Appeal, including the reproduced full record method, appendix method, agreed statement in lieu of record method, or the original record.

Each of these steps requires careful adherence to specific rules and deadlines. Record Press can help you ensure your appeal meets all New York requirements, potentially saving time and avoiding procedural errors. For more information, please see our article “What Does it Mean to Perfect an Appeal in the New York Appellate Court?”.

Are there ways to speed up perfecting an appeal?

Yes, there are ways to speed up the process of perfecting an appeal. 

To begin with, staying organized and proactive with your paperwork is key. Make sure all documents, from the notice of appeal to the transcripts and briefs, are prepared and filed promptly. This is where Record Press can help expedite the process: we make sure that your briefs are formatted correctly and submitted on time. Our experience and resources can help streamline the steps needed to perfect an appeal.

Running out of time to perfect an appeal in New York? Get the support you need

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Understanding how long to perfect an appeal in New York is critical because of the procedural rules and deadlines involved. Failure to meet either one can result in your case being delayed or, even worse, automatically dismissed.Record Press is here to help those seeking to streamline this process and ensure all documents meet the stringent requirements of New York appellate courts. Our Appellate Consulting & Appellate Law Management Services offer the guidance and support necessary to manage and get the best results with your appeal. To leverage our expertise for your appellate needs, contact Record Press today.