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Record Press has over 70 years of experience working within the appellate world, and we know exactly what solutions you need to streamline and perfect your appeal. Whether you need appellate management, printing solutions, or paralegal solutions, Record Press has the support you need so you can focus on crafting a compelling narrative. Check out all of our solutions and the benefits you can expect.

Take a look at what Record Press has to offer

Appellate consulting and management

Record Press offers appellate consulting to help legal teams navigate the appeal process and remain compliant. Our decades of appellate experience with courts across the country give us special insight into the regulations and preferences of specific courts. We also offer appellate management services: compliance review, e-filing, table preparation, document indexing, proofreading, high-speed scanning, and printing. We use secure file sharing to protect the integrity and privacy of our clients’ documents.

Consulting Solutions
Printing Services

Document and printing services

Record Press offers several document and printing services to assist teams with the massive volume of document requirements needed by appellate courts. We’ll take care of printing at volume as well as typesetting, proofreading, table preparation, and binding—all compliant and secure. We even know the unwritten rules that specific courts have regarding their printing preferences so you can make a good impression.

Amicus brief management

Record Press offers assistance with amicus briefs, a type of brief submitted by a third party to a court case with a vested interest in the outcome. If you’re planning to file an amicus brief and want to ensure it’s in top shape, we’ll can help with compliance review, indexing, printing, binding, filing, etc. All you need to do is focus on making your argument the best it can be.

Amicus Brief Management
Out of Town Filing

Out-of-town filing

Record Press offers expedient filing for teams whose time to submit an appeal is growing short. This service is available same day for many state and federal appellate courts, as well as for the U.S. Supreme Court. We’ll get a paralegal and project manager working on finalizing your appeal and ready for your approval overnight.

New York legal office space rental

The NY Judiciary Law Section 470 requires that an out-of-state attorney practicing in New York must maintain an “office for the transaction of law business” within the State of New York. Record Press offers New York law office spaces for rent or lease to attorneys at affordable rates and with flexible terms.

NY Office Space

Benefits offered by Record Press solutions

Ensure your appeal brief is perfect before sending

Appeal briefs are important to get right, as they’re the first impression you’ll make to sway the decision in your favor. There are many elements that go into these briefs, and the slightest mistake can hinder your chances of winning the case. With Record Press at your side, you don’t need to worry—making appeal briefs perfect is what we do.

Focus on constructing a compelling narrative

Record Press wants your attention to remain on perfecting your argument, which is why we offer the services we do. Let us focus on the nitty gritty of filing an appeal and work on what matters most for winning a case: an accurate, compelling narrative.

Trust that your documents meet all requirements

Appellate procedure comes with many baseline requirements, not to mention the many unique requirements and preferences of individual courts. Record Press has fostered strong relationships with every appeal court we work with, and we know all the written and unwritten rules of their appeal processes like the back of our hand.

Outsource laborious documenting and printing needs

The sheer volume of printing needed for appeals, especially in courts that haven’t fully converted to electronic filing, is not something the average individual or firm can handle. Luckily, we can with state-of-the-art printing and scanning technology. We also provide binding variations depending on the specific court.

Take advantage of Record Press appeal expertise

We’ve said it, and we’ll say it again: we’ve been handling appeals for over seven decades. We have personal relationships with courts across the country, all the way up to the US Supreme Court. We don’t just know what you need to make your appeal perfect: we also know how to help appeal win.

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