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Document Preparation

Document Preparation

Proper briefs win cases. From document assembly to printing, we’ll cover all your bases, delivering a final product you can be proud of. Preparing appellate briefs can be intimidating. That’s why we help with the entire brief preparation process, from consultation to printing to filing.


Create, edit, and enhance your electronic/digital documents with unmatched speed and precision. With same-day e-filing capacity, it’s obvious why so many attorneys and pro se appellants choose us. Many federal and state appellate judges read briefs on tablets quickly, meaning you need to stand out and be memorable. We can help with that.

E Filing
Supreme Court Printing

Supreme Court Printing

Our paralegal team has prepared appellate documents for state and federal courts nationwide – and the United States Supreme Court is no exception. Our experience means you never have to worry about Supreme Court rules or guidelines. We’ve spent years worrying about that for you.

Appellate Printing

If you’re aiming for a successful appeal, presentation is critical. This calls for state-of-the-art printing and scanning equipment for sharp quality and images. At Record Press, our high-capacity machines guarantee unmatched quality and precision – completing up to 30,000 pages an hour. They are perfect for last-minute filings, and they deliver faster results without compromising quality.

Appellate Printing
Appellate Consulting


At Record Press, we provide trusted insights on the appellate process based on our years of experience and quality relationships. Over the years, we have developed and maintained working relationships with court personnel, and we have gained valuable knowledge about the inner workings of various courts. Our staff of appellate experts will work with you to manage your appeal from beginning to end. With several attorneys and former court personnel on staff, we remain up to date on frequently changing policies and procedures and navigate through them with ease.


We help you manage your appellate calendar by tracking your appeal and notifying you of any upcoming filing deadlines or oral argument dates. We will also notify you via e-mail of any decisions in your case. Our court representatives are readily available to serve and file your appeal, retrieve documents, or file subpoenas, all to ensure you meet your deadline.

Appellate Management
Digital Filings


Here at Record Press, we are PDF experts. We have all the tools we need to save you time from tedious tasks like bookmarking, hyperlinking, OCR-ing, and other cutting-edge PDF enhancements. As required by many courts today, we can provide you with a digital version of your record, appendix, or brief that complies with all court requirements. Digital briefs are easily shared or filed, are bookmarked for ease of navigation, and the citations within the brief are hyperlinked to a PDF copy of the cited authority for ease of reference.

Trust The PDF Expert


Our seasoned paralegal team has prepared documents for filing in state and federal courts all over the country, including the United States Supreme Court. With decades of experience and a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of appeals, our paralegals are here to assist you in assembling your records, appendices, briefs, and many other necessary forms.

Also, our state-of-the-art printing facility includes multiple high-capacity machines that can process 30,000 pages per hour. We are fully equipped to handle those last minute filings, and you can rest assured that your appellate documents will be processed accurately and efficiently.

Secure File Sharing
Your files can be securely sent to us electronically through our case portal
Compliance Review
We will thoroughly review to ensure all required documents are included and are of acceptable quality as per court standards.
Document Indexing
All documents will be organized in compliance with court rules and indexed by our knowledgeable paralegal team.
Table Preparation
Record Press can prepare Tables of Contents and Tables of Authorities to relieve you of tasks that can be time-consuming and repetitive. We proudly use Best Authority ®, the legal industry’s overwhelming choice, to generate flawless Tables of Authorities.
Typesetting and proofreading services
We design impeccable covers in full compliance with each court’s rules and preferences. We also offer varying levels of proofreading services depending on your needs to ensure a flawless filing.
Appellate Printing
State-of-the-art digital printing and scanning equipment provide the sharpest quality pages and images.
We feature perfect binding with scored-hinge covers for the utmost professional appearance. However, many other binding options are available for varying court requirements.