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Appellate Division-First Department Calendar Resources

Each year, the New York State Appellate Division – First Judicial Department has 10 terms within which appeals are argued or deemed submitted. For an appeal to be added to a particular term, one must perfect their appeal on or before the term filing deadline. The First Department Calendar lists the term filing deadlines for the appellant to file their record and brief, the deadline for the respondent to file their answering brief, and the deadline for the appellant to file their reply. It also lists the last day to file requests for adjournments and/or advise the court of unavailability dates for oral argument.
Our calendar resources go a step further to make your day easier. Use our “Same Term – With Extensions” Calendar to view the dates to which respondent and reply brief deadlines can be extended by stipulation and still remain in the same term. Use our “Cross Appeals” Calendar to view the dates briefs would be due when a cross-appellant is involved.

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