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Over 70 Years of Appellate Paralegal Services

For almost eight decades, Record Press has simplified complex appeals leading the way with superior appellate consulting, printing, and litigation support.

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Our senior appellate consultants have experience across a broad range of appellate practices and procedures, with strong strategic alliances nationwide. Everything we compile and prepare is done so in full compliance with stringent appellate court rules, meeting your needs and demands in real-time.

Our Mission

Building partnerships to provide expert appellate services nationwide

Our Vision

To be the premier appellate services provider in the nation

Personalized Appellate Paralegal Service

We honor every relationship we build with our clients, going to extraordinary measures to exceed expectations.

Expert Consulting & Legal Document Management Services

We give our clients full guidance, support, and education on the appeal process based on our years of industry expertise.
Devoted Staff

Devoted Appeals Paralegal Staff

We’ve been serving our clients in the appellate realm for over 70 years, translating hard work into successful appeal filings -every time.
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1st Circuit, Court of Appeals

Nadia Oswald-Hamid, Senior Appellate Paralegal

The right appellate services can make a world of difference!

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