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Appellate Consulting & Management


At Record Press, we provide trusted insights on the appellate process based on our years of experience and quality relationships. Over the years, we have developed and maintained working relationships with court personnel and we have gained valuable knowledge about the inner workings of various courts. Our staff of appellate experts will work with you to manage your appeal from beginning to end. With several attorneys and former court personnel on staff, we remain up to date on frequently changing policies and procedures and navigate through them with ease.


We help you manage your appellate calendar by tracking your appeal and notifying you of any upcoming filing deadlines or oral argument dates. We will also notify you via e-mail of any decisions in your case. Our court representatives are readily available to serve and file your appeal, retrieve documents, or file subpoenas, all to ensure you meet your deadline.

Appellate Management
Dean Misser
President & CEO

When perfecting an appeal on NYSCEF, be sure to use the link that reads “Perfect Your Appeal” and not “File to an Existing Appeal”. Making the wrong selection can cause your filing to be rejected and may result in missing your deadline.