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The interactive PDF e-Brief speeds up case review with time saving research and navigational features that offer Judges and Law Clerks instant access to exhibits that can include audio and video, transcripts and case law - all hyperlinked, neatly bookmarked, seamlessly cross-referenced and word-searchable.

More judges and circuit courts are requiring some version of electronic brief filing, as they realize the time saving economies of incorporating this technology into the judicial process. Let us enhance your appearance before the court by filing an e-Brief, possible even if opposing counsel objects.
The Record Press e-Brief Advantage
The Record Press Approach to E-Brief Production
Every day we handle numerous appellate filings for state and federal courts nationwide. We know every court's e-Brief guidelines and stay on top of rules changes, so you don't have to. Our Appellate Courts experience is extensive. We file more e-Briefs in U.S. circuit courts than any other appellate printer.

Record Press was the first appellate printer to file an e-Brief in the Second Circuit, and we continue to be innovators in the field.

The process is seamless whether we are currently working on your appeal or you are contacting us for the first time. Our dedicated paralegal team will walk you through the process and provide you with timely updates. Our procedure consists of the following objectives:

  • The paralegal and e-Brief production team will assemble documents and set a deliverable date after discussion of the project scope with client.

  • e-Brief PDF takes form (OCR, hyperlinks, bookmarks, build cross references, video, audio, animation, splash screen, auto-run)

  • Quality control testing process

  • Master produced for final approval

  • Contents of the e-Brief must be identical to the paper brief  

  • An e-Brief must be filed no later than the time for filing of a joint appendix
    unless otherwise directed by the court

  • All parties' briefs must be combined on CD-ROM
    unless otherwise directed by the court
Ease-of-use PDF book-like interface made even easier:
  • Auto-run CD-ROM with customized welcome splash screen opens ready to read interactive PDF content

  • Colorized bookmarks and hyperlinks give one-click entry to briefs, exhibits, case law, search and navigation tools

  • Point-and-click user interface designed to keep Judges/Clerks focused on the chosen content

  • Standard Adobe Reader software and interface that all jurists have high comfort level and familiarity with

  • Ready within 24hrs after receipt of all electronic documents - an industry first from Record Press

  • e-Briefs can devote more space to legal arguments and less to describing exhibits

  • Meets court guidelines to run error free and is always compatible with court's computer systems; no additional software required.

  • Now viewable on iPads and e-reader compatible tablets

  • Always an affordable price based on content...
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Custom developed "LinkLock" Technology
Our LinkLock technology is an in-house designed production tool that delivers error free hyperlinks and bookmarks guaranteed to hit their exact page or text block. With pinpoint precision, our hyperlinks go directly to "jump-cites."