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Record Press Services
With over 65 years of industry experience, our appellate printers and paralegals form a highly skilled and knowledgeable team to bring your appeals case to court with the accuracy and speed that many prestigious law firms and appellate attorneys have come to rely upon.
Our appellate printers have over 150 years of combined
experience in the appellate printing and reprographics industry.
We are honored to have been entrusted with each federal and
state appeal we receive for assembly.

  • Highest quality digital printing/scanning, binding of Briefs, Records/Appendices

  • Typesetting service: Briefs/Appendices and
    other legal documents

  • Document review and preparation: indexing, pagination,
    headers, notices, stipulations, and relevance

  • Tables of contents and/or tables of authorities

  • Efficient Adobe PDF-based print workflow created and run by
    certified Adobe Acrobat Expert

  • Saddle Stitch/Spiral/GBC/Double O-Ring/Perfect-Bind
    with Hinge Score

  • Priority services available within 24 hours including weekends
Our staff of paralegals and attorneys work with you to ensure
your appeals case is properly assembled, filed and served. Taking
a case to appeals is an extraordinary effort that requires current
knowledge of procedural rules and deadlines. We can help make the
appellate process easier for you with our appellate management
  • Exclusive CaseMonitorPro system tracks calendaring/due dates,
    oral arguments, and decisions

  • In-court work: subpoena services/transmittal of records;
    document retrieval

  • Knowledge of court's written rules and clerk's internal
    unpublished procedural rules

  • Experienced paralegals and attorneys offering procedural
    Appellate consultation for any Federal/State court
    in the nation

  • Quick Guides Series highlights most relevant appellate court rules

  • Call or contact us at any time to discuss the finer points of your appeal case with a member of the Record Press team.
Record Press knows how crucial the element of time is to the appeals process. If the clock is winding down on filing your appeal, we can help.
A paralegal and project manager can get your appellate filing finalized and ready for your approval overnight, so you can see exactly
what the Court will be receiving that morning.
Our Out-of-Town Filing Service is available Same Day for many state and federal appellate courts, as well as for the U.S. Supreme Court:
An e-Brief is an interactive CD-ROM complete with briefs, record or appendices that can include video, audio and animation inserts all seamlessly hyperlinked and bookmarked in a single PDF file.

The interactive e-Brief speeds up case review by giving judges and law clerks point-and-click access to exhibits and documents that are cross-referenced, hyperlinked and word-searchable - even across multiple
volumes and sets of documents.

Record Press offers an industry first in e-Brief production: 24-hour turnaround of e-Brief proofs. Whether your appellate brief is small or large; or your appeal contains a minimal or extensive record or appendix -
we deliver your e-Brief proof within 24 hours.
e-Briefs benefit your position on appeal by keeping judges focused on evidence as reviewed in context, making it more powerful. In addition,
as more judges realize their timesaving benefits to the judicial process, e-Briefs are accepted in a growing number of courts nationwide.

Contact our e-Brief experts at 212.619.4949 now to get your electronic brief in production.
Record Press has been printing projects that add value to your business since 1945. Our reprographics team will bring your project to life
using high-tech machines in our digitized facility:

  • Multiple High Capacity Printers

  • 30,000 pages per hour

  • High-output facility handles multiple work-orders

  • Brochures, Pitch decks, Catalogues, Direct Mailers, Books, Manuals & more

  • Vivid colors and purest grays

  • Highly skilled technicians total 150 years of experience