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Appellate Printing
Record Press has the production advantage when it comes to appellate brief, record and appendix assembly. Located in our 11,000 sq.ft. New York facility, our high-tech reprographic machines produce the highest quality results that can enhance "bad" originals.

Our appellate printers share and access a company knowledge base containing 67 years of technical experience in the appellate printing industry. Highly skilled technicians will take your appellate printing object from papers and electronic mediums to produce clear, high-quality outputs with both the speed and accuracy demanded by today's litigation environment.
The Record Press Production Advantage

  • Multiple High Capacity Printers;
  • We have six (6) of them;
  • 30,000 pages per hour
  • Sharpest resolutions possible
  • Vivid colors and purest grays
  • Able to take your last minute briefs
    and still make your court filing on time

We feature perfect-bound books that are hot-glued and pressure fused with wraparound "scored-hinge" covers for easy handling as well as other popular options like: Saddle Stitch, Hard Cover, GBC, Velo, Tape, and Wire-O.

Well-trained and highly skilled print and bindery technicians with over 150 years of combined industry knowledge. We handle thousands of appellate printing and short-run projects each year. Our customer satisfaction rate is second to none... Read customer feedback

We're proud to be an employee owned and operated company.

With ownership comes pride in workmanship...we take your project personally.

Most flexibable in the industry...
8:30 am - 11:00 pm
and 24 hrs on demand

Call 212.619.4949 to talk with an appellate service expert today.

Multiple on-demand T1 data lines reduce bottlenecks and speed up delivery of large client data files as the need arises. Learn how our high-output capacity can facilitate your Appellate e-Brief production.