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Appellate Management
Our staff of paralegals and attorneys work with you to ensure your appeals case is properly assembled, filed and served. Taking a case to appeals is an extraordinary effort that requires current knowledge of procedural rules and deadlines, in addition to researching and writing for the brief. We can help make the appellate process easier for you with our appellate management services:
Record Press has extensive knowledge of the court's written rules and the clerk's unpublished procedural rules.
Our CaseMonitor system tracks calendaring/due dates, oral arguments, and decisions.
We can prepare subpoenas, provide document retrieval and transmittal of records, and more.
With 7 decades of experience in appellate services, we have the expertise in Federal and State appellate practice that you can rely upon.
at any time to discuss the finer points of your appeal case with a member of the Record Press team.
Enables authorized users to view all documentation for past and present appeals.
Highly skilled staff of paralegals and attorneys will consult with you on appellate procedure for any Federal or State Court of Appeals in the nation.
Published in-house, this popular series highlights the most relevant appellate court rules.
Record Press employees are
Each member of our staff is fully invested in producing the best product and service possible. We take pride in our committment to excellence.