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Record Press is an appellate services provider specializing in appeals case management, appellate printing and support for the legal profession. Founded in 1945 by a team of four including a Pressman, proofreader, salesman and typesetter, Record Press began its mission of reproducing legal documents for the record.

We have continued that mission to become a highly regarded appellate services provider within the legal community that numerous law firms and practitioners rely upon every day. Our staff is comprised of highly specialized paralegals, attorneys and printers who work with lawyers and appellate practices both large and small to produce their appeals in state and federal courts with record precision and speed.
Record Press Key Moments in History
Named as the Official Printer of the U.S. Supreme Court
Record Press prints Landmark Appeal in (Cassius) Clay vs. U.S. Army
Record Press prints Landmark Appeal in Roe v. Wade
Official Printer of the Slip Opinion for Second Circuit
Printed AT&T breakup Slip Opinion
First Appellate Printer to file a CD ROM e-Brief
Record Press prints historic Microsoft Appeal
Owner invests in employees and Record Press staff reciprocates to form an ESOP structured, employee-owned and operated company
Perfected Blue Cross v. Phillip Morris Appeal
Printed United Nations Oil for Food Program Investigative Executive Reports
Perfected People v. Grasso Appeal
Perfected Boston Scientific v. Cordis Appeal
Perfected In Re: Chrysler LLC Appeal
Perfected In Re: East 51st Street Crane Collapse Litigation Appeal
Perfected QBE Insurance v. Adjo Contracting Appeal
Perfected numerous appeals in Madoff Securities Clawback Litigation
The legal and technical staff at Record Press has a deep understanding and comprehensive knowledge of appellate procedure and specificiations for appeals filing in state and federal courts. We continue to build strong relationships with our customers and clientele, many of whom are pestigious law firms and highly respected practitioners who entrust us with the essential work of moving their appeals from notice to filing and service

In addition, our printing technicians handle short-run projects for high-profile companies and small businesses nationwide that add value and help drive their business goals forward.
Theresa Blaber
Baker & Hostetler LLP, 2013
Record Press and its team of professionals always rise to the occasion and consistently complete our Appellate filings in a thorough and professional manner.
Bradford Mulder
Hunton & Williams, LLP, 2013
I use Record Press for all of my Appellate filing needs. They are experienced, responsive and friendly, but most of all they are 100% reliable. They value the relationship with me more than just getting paid for their work. This, as well as their experience is what sets Record Press apart from other Printers.
Gail D. Rosner
Goodwin Procter LLP, 2013
I have been working with Record Press on all my Appellate filings since 2004. They are knowledgable, bright, diligent and always professional. Their staff keeps current on all Federal filing rules and ensures my forms and briefs are perfect for submission. I depend on them and recommend them to all my colleagues.
Thomas J. Sullivan
Morrison Cohen LLP, 2013
I have had good fortune to work with Record Press numerous times over the last three years, and always find their work exceptional.
Record Press is proud to be an
employee owned and operated company
Record Press is proud to be an employee-owned and operated company. Our integrated team of technicians, paralegals and attorneys share a breath of knowledge and competencies that are highly valued in our working environment.

Every Record Press employee is fully invested in our mission to bring you, our customer, the very best results in quality and accuracy, along with our genuine commitment to excellence. We take great pride and care in the work we do for you.